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The Source Of Our Confidence

Discover biblically what our true source of confidence should be (get this wrong, and you'll be trapped in a dangerous place)

How To Deal With The Pressure

Debunk the #1 misconception of what a worship leader is supposed to do (that leads to unwarranted pressure)

What To Prioritize

Out of all the different weekly tasks you have to perform, be reminded about the one task that you simply cannot delegate to someone else

Let's get you leading with confidence so you can live out your calling and leave your mark!

In this FREE downloadable guide I will teach you:

  • An example of how to rehearse your Gospel identity

  • How to practice with intention so you can build the discipline of practicing through mistakes

  • How to instill confidence in your team (however big it is) and clear up confusion in your chord charts

  • Make a subtle shift from making music for the Lord to making music to the Lord

  • How to plan for healthy evaluation both individually and corporately so that your mistakes don't define you and your victories don't leave you complacent

Lead worship with confidence this week!

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